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Find a secure place to call home while receiving the support you need to improve your overall health and achieve your personal goals


If you are a mental health consumer designated by HRA for Community Care housing, you may be eligible to access residential and support services through our supported housing. 


CBHS supported housing offers


  • Decent, safe and affordable housing that is extended stay/long-term

  • Integrated living environments in scatter-site apartments located in multi-story buildings that house families and singles, disabled and non-disabled tenants

  • Flexible housing-related support services that match your needs and preferences

  • Help with budgeting to ensure that rent and other expenses are paid

  • Assistance resolving apartment and building issues including maintenance/repairs and housemate issues

  • Linkages to a full array of community resources including employment support, mental health and substance abuse treatment, assistance with entitlements, health care, health home care coordination and transportation

  • Crisis services 24/7

Research shows that this combination of secure housing and support services leads to long-term tenancy and a reduction in psychiatric symptoms, and ultimately helps you take the next step toward recovery and independence.


The process 


  • Eligibility: We accept applications for mental health consumers who are 18-years-old and above and approved by HRA for mental health housing at the Community Care level. Please note, some of our beds are designated for special populations

  • Submission: Please mail or fax a complete application that includes full HRA application and support documents and the HRA approval letter.  Once a complete application is received, CBHS will call you with next steps

  • Intake: The intake interview ensures that our program is a good fit for you. 

  • Next steps: If both parties decide to proceed with move-in, we take you to look at available apartments and introduce you to a potential roommate whenever possible.  Once an apartment and move-in date are identified, we determine your rent using the New York State Office of Mental Health Rental Stipend Worksheet and review the sublease that outlines your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Once the sublease is signed, you're ready to move in to your fully furnished apartment!

  • Ongoing support: We are committed to helping you succeed in independent housing and achieve your personal goals, so utilize our case manager to support you on your journey

For more information on Supported Housing or to submit a referral please contact CBHS at: (718) 210-3800




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